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Dispute in San Dimas leads to Shooting

Earlier this week in the city of San Dimas, a man and a woman were walking down Arrow Highway, when a vehicle passed by, yelling the name of a gang. At that point the man walking yelled out another gang’s name according to the officers in charge of the investigation. After the man walking down the street yelled out the gang’s name, the car made a U-turn and stopped to let two men out of the car. When the two men got out of the car, they began arguing with the pedestrian and then they opened fire at the two walking pedestrians. Fortunately nobody was hit by a bullet or injured and the suspects then fled the scene in the van. The victims did not have a description of the shooter or the vehicle that they were traveling in for police. The detectives in charge of the investigation are asking for the public’s help with this case and if you or anyone you know has any information regarding this shooting to call the San Dimas Sheriff’s as soon as possible. Blog by Your Bail Bonds San Dimas.


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