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The bail bonds process in San Dimas.

San Dimas Bail Bonds

Sunrise Bail Bonds San Dimas is filled with extremely well trained and highly experienced agents, who can deal with any situation occurred during the bail bonds process. We offer our services to the great city of San Dimas for many years now and we released a huge number of arrestees very fast and without any issues. That record is our biggest credential and our pride.

The moment someone is getting arrested, he or she is going to be moved to the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station at 270 S Walnut Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773. At the arrival, they will confiscate for safekeeping his or her personal belongings and then they will start the booking process. That includes, the arrestee’s personal information gathering (name, birth date) and photos taking so they can register them to the LA County Sheriff database. After that initial step is completed, they will use a machine called Live Scan to take the defendant’s fingerprints.


Live Scan is directly connected with the Department of Justice and they will check though it if the arrestee has any other open obligations with the law (pending warrants) or if he is wanted by any other law agency. The inmate cannot be able to get bailed till the Jailer has the results of that process. That could take from 45 minutes to several hours. Then the jailer is going to be able to determine the bail status of the defendant. The moment you contact our office, your personal agent is going to begin the jail release process for San Dimas Jail.

Your Bail Bonds In San Dimas Ca

Your Bail Bonds In San Dimas Ca

We have been serving the city of San Dimas and the neighboring cities for many years with success.

Bail Info

Bail Info

Call us any time and we will provide you with a FREE bail information of your loved one.

Local Service

Local Service

We provide a 24 hours LOCAL bail bonds services for the city of San Dimas and the neighborhood.

Bail Consultation

Bail Consultation

Your Bail Bonds San Dimas provides a FREE BAIL CONSULTATION. Give us a call and we will guide you through the bail process step by step.



Call us and let us do the work for you, satisfaction is a priority and it's 100% Guaranteed.

Choosing a bail bonds agency in San Dimas.

We understand the amount of stress and agony you may have because of the situation you got involved, however our highly trained agents are extremely capable in putting your mind at ease and making you understand the whole steps needed to be complete so you can bring home your loved one as fast as possible. Our staff is highly trained to deal and face any issues that may come in your way during the release process.

Instead, every time you call us to speak with different agents, to make it easier for you, we will assign to you a personal high skilled professional agent. That way you aren’t going to be lost in translation and communication is going to be easier and with better results for you. Your personal agent is going to be available to you 24/7 to help you deal with any issues you may have and to answer to any questions that may occur to you during the process.

The customer service that our extremely high trained agents offer is the best in the bail bonds industry and their name is highly respected.

To bring your loved ones back to you, is their number one priority and they won’t rest till they manage it the fastest and easiest way possible.

In Bail Bonds San Dimas, we try to cover your needs by offering many different flexible payments plans to make sure that you can come up with the necessary 10% of the bail amount. Your personal agent is going gladly to help you understand all your options and choose the right plan for you. Do not waste any more time, call us and let us help bring your loved one back to you as fast as possible.

How Bail Bonds Work In San Dimas! (External Link)

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(909) 532-8797
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Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

bail bonds in san dimas ca

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