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San Dimas Bail Bonds FAQs :


How do Bail Bonds Work?

Bail Bond is also known as surety bond, which is a contract between you and the bail bond agent, saying that the agent will post the bail on your behalf. When you hire a bail agent, he will go to the jail and bail out whoever is in jail and you will fill out some paperwork claiming responsibility for making sure the inmate shows up to his or her court date.


How much do bail bonds cost?

The usual fee for a bail bond is 10% of the total bail amount, but some states set different rates depending on their location. You will be charged only once for the bail bond and there are no hidden fees or charges that you should worry about. However, this money will not be refunded to you once the trial is over.


How does the court come up with the bail amount?

The bail amount is set based on the severity of the charges and the potential danger of having the inmate outside of the jail. They will look over all of the inmate’s charges and set an appropriate bail amount that will make the inmate realize the severity of his or her crimes in order to make them not want to commit another crime.


Where can I find a cheap bail bond?


The 10% of the bail amount that is used for the fee for a bail bond is the rate that is required by law in most states in America. It would be illegal for any bail bond agency to charge less for a bail bond; however, we do offer financing in order to work out a payment plan that is easier for you to pay for.


What are my responsibilities for bailing someone out?

When you decide to bail someone out of jail, you will have to fill out some paperwork stating that you are claiming responsibility for making sure that the inmate shows up to court. This means that if for some reason the inmate fails to appear in court, the bail bond agency will contact you and you then become responsible for the full bail amount.


What do I do if I miss my court date?

If for some reason you cannot appear to court at the specific date given by the jailer, then you would need to contact the bail agent that bailed you out. The bail bond agent will then contact your lawyer so that they could schedule another court date. The court is usually understanding of people missing court dates because of some urgent situation and will set up the next court date for you.


When will I have to use collateral?

Collateral is only used if necessary. Some clients will choose to pay for the bond through a payment plan and the bail agency might ask for some form of collateral to ensure that the payments will be made on time depending on the situation. Also, the bail agent may ask for collateral in order to complete the bail bond, which depends on how high risk your case is.


Do you offer financing?

Here, at Your Bail Bonds San Dimas, we do have financing, we will work with you on determining the best payment plan for you, and while making sure that you’re paying in a timely manner. However, if you choose to finance a bail bond, we may need to collect some form of collateral depending on the situation.


What forms of payment do you accept?

At Sunrise Bail Bonds we accept most forms of payment. We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and personal checks. We also have the option of financing and we will set up a payment plan with you directly.


When could I expect to receive my collateral back, if I use it?

Any collateral that we collect from you for the bail bond will be returned to once the trial is over. Any collateral that is collected in order to set up a payment plan will be returned to you once you are done with all of your payments and have paid your debt in full. If you have any further questions feel free to contact one of our highly trained agents at any time.

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