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San Dimas Sheriff's Station, CA

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement for the city of San Dimas and they are known as the San Dimas Sheriff's Station. The San Dimas Sheriff Station is located at 270 South Walnut Ave. San Dimas, CA 91773. The Sheriff Station is located in the heart of the city, which makes it easier for the the sheriffs to get to any disturbance as soon as possible. The San Dimas Station has a total of 12 patrol deputies, 2 motorcycle deputies, 1 CAT Team Leader, 2 Special Assignment Officers, 1 Team Sergeant, 2 Community Service Officers. 1 Law Enforcement Technician, and 1 School Resource Officer. All of these deputies must work together in order to keep the city of San Dimas safe.


The department is so small because it is a branch off of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and that is all they could afford to have there. However, the deputies have done a good job at keeping the city safe. If the deputies need assisntance, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department will send more officers to their area for assistance. The main job of the patrol deputies is to patrol the streets and go through all of the neighborhoods to make sure that all of the residents and to make their presence seen. Just by roaming the streets, the police could notice a disturbance or someone under distress that would not have been able to call the police themselves.


The 2 motorcycle deputies are also in charge of patrolling the streets as well as the nearby freeways. The CAT team members are in charge of special investigations that occur after the crim has been committed and it needs further investigation. These deputies usually stay at the station until they are needed at a crime scene. The Team Sergeant is in charge of keeping everything organized and leading all of the other deputies at the station. Lastly, the Community Service Officers are in charge of community service events and helping the community stay safe.

san dimas ca sheriff's station

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