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Chase Bank robbed in San Dimas

Early Wednesday morning in San Dimas, CA, a Chase bank was robbed by a man who is a suspect in 5 other bank robberies in the area. The robber, described as a white man in a hooded sweatshirt, walked into the bank at 1198 Via Verde Drive and demanded cash according to witnesses in the bank. The man obtained an undisclosed amount of cash from the teller and fled on foot in an unknown direction. The FBI determined that the suspect match the description of the “Luger Bandit” who is suspected to be responsible for 5 other bank robberies and one fail attempt in the past 16 months. The FBI is asking for any new information from the public. According to investigators of the “Luger Bandit”, he began his robbing spree early January in 2013 and has been evading police since then. So if you have any information regarding any of the robberies or the identity of the robber, please contact authorities as soon as possible.

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